Sketchbook Rubric

Originality - Does the solution benefit from risk-taking and experimentation? Is it a novel or original solution?

1-6 displays lack of originality, solution may be underdeveloped or trite

7-8 displays competency in use of creative thinking skills 

9-10 exceptionally original, creative thinking at a professional level


Craftsmanship - Is the execution of the solution high quality?

1-6 displays poor craftsmanship or a lack of care in execution

7-8 displays competency in the use of materials to solve the problem

9-10 excellent craftsmanship, professional quality work


Effort/Concept Development - Demonstrated commitment to excellence in course of assignment; attempted to fully explore problem and solution.

1-6 displays lack of understanding, incomplete or poor concept development

7-8 displays competency in concept development

9-10 concept is extremely well developed, approaches professional standards


Other Considerations - In the course of the term the student captured compositional sketches; notes and quotes from readings, lectures, and posted media; names of referenced artists; reflections; critique notes; etc.

1-6 notes, reflections, etc. are sparse or non-existent; sketchbook assignments not executed timely

7-8 adequate notes, reflections, and notes; assignments completed when due

9-10 sketchbook is “lived in”; copious notes and visual thinking captured