Portfolio Rubric

Originality - Does the solution benefit from risk-taking and experimentation? Is it a novel or original solution?

1-6 displays lack of originality, solution may be underdeveloped or trite

7-8 displays competency in use of creative thinking skills 

9-10 exceptionally original, creative thinking at a professional level


Compositional Quality - Does the solution demonstrate advanced understanding/application of principles and elements? Are they used conceptually?

1-6 displays lack of unity, poor compositional use of space, elements are not used in accordance with principles of visual organization

7-8 displays competency in use of elements and principles to create space and unity 

9-10 excellent composition, professional quality composition


Craftsmanship - Is the execution of the solution high quality?

1-6 displays poor craftsmanship or a lack of care in execution

7-8 displays competency in the use of materials to solve the problem

9-10 excellent craftsmanship, professional quality work


Effort/Concept Development - Demonstrated commitment to excellence in course of assignment; attempted to fully explore problem and solution.

1-6 displays lack of understanding, incomplete or poor concept development

7-8 displays competency in concept development

9-10 concept is extremely well developed, approaches professional standards


Other Considerations - In the course of the assignment, did the individual demonstrate receptivity and critical thinking skills? Was the assignment completed according to the project guidelines? During lectures preparatory to the assignment, was the individual prepared for discussion?

1-6 displays lack of openness to constructive input from classmates and/or instructor, poor analysis or preparedness

7-8 adequately prepared; displays competency in the use of critical thinking; is open to constructive input from classmates and/or instructor 

9-10 excellent participation and preparedness; professional attitude