Linear Shading Exercise (Eggs)

Using the techniques described and demonstrated in class, draw several egg shapes and shade them such that they have the following elements:


  • Attached Shadows and Highlights

    • Highlight

    • Mid-tones

    • Core shadow

    • Reflected lighit

  • Detached Shadows

    • Off-form shading on  an imaginary backwall or space

    • Cast shadow (shade parallel to the ground plane)


Use a variety of linear shading techniques (hatching, cross hatching, "contour" hatching) and try a variety of directions. What is the most comfortable approach for you?


  • Allow your lines to taper into "comet tails"

  • Hide the blunt ends of your starting lines in darker shades or in edges

  • Space your lines evenly and adjust value by changing the spacing (density) of the parallel lines)

  • Avoid right angles in cross hatching - create diamond shapes to lead the eye over the surface, rather than impeding the eye.