Final Portfolio


Portfolios are due Arpril 29th. All work should be fixed using spray fixative under the hood in the spray-room (Riley 315 -- If for some reason this room is not available, there is another on the first floor across from room 108A.) Do not leave spray cans in the room! This is considered a hazard.


All work must include the student's printed name and the date the assignment was completed. Work should be removed from your drawing pads and clipped together using binder or bulldog clips in chronological order with the earliest item on top and the most recent drawing on the bottom. For additional protection, it is strongly recommended that you place your bound work in your portfolio for submission.


Please include your first-half portfolio, as well.


Assignments and Dates

Still Life: Four-Part Process (Skull)

MAR 16

Shading and Modeling: Knotted Drapery

MAR 23

Extensive Media Experimentation (1 page)

MAR 23

Abstract Drawing


Individual Projects

APR 13

(Birdsell Project)


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