Birdsell Working Hours

The Birdsell Mansion is located at 511 W Colfax in South Bend.


Facilitating artists can be reached as follows:


Nalani Stolz: (574) 323-0982

Andrew Strong: (408) 417-0202

Mark Welch: (574) 210-0072



Sign up for at least two sessions by visiting this Google Spreadsheet. This is the minimum required, but sign up for as many as you can! These two sessions are above and beyond the two in-class sessions on Monday 4/27 and Wednesday 4/29. More than one person can sign up per session, of course.  Sessions with no attendees signed up within one hour before start time may be canceled at the discretion of the artist facilitator. You will see that a few time slots are labeled “if necessary.” These are available times, but should be used only when other times are not feasible.


Indicate on this separate Google Spreadsheet whether you do or do not need a ride on Tuesday, 5/5 for the final critique.